Honey Yakitori Chicken


3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 cup Jim’s Wings Yakitori Sauce (or YakWay for a little kick!)
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup honey
2 T. avocado oil
1 T. flour mixed with 2 T. of water
2 T. diced green onion
3-4 cups of cooked white rice


1. Season chicken with salt, pepper, & garlic powder. Place in pressure cooker. Combine water, honey, oil, and half of the Jim’s Wings Yakitori Sauce in a small bowl and add to pot.
2. Set the pot to pressure cook for 10 minutes. Set to quick release.
3. Remove chicken, cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and shred into bite size chunks.
4. Add flour and water mixture to the sauce. Sauté until sauce thickens. Add remaining Yakitori sauce. Add chicken back in and coat with sauce.
5. Serve over rice, top with green onion, & enjoy!