Ordered by phone was done to perfection. I like mine extra crispy drenched! My brother salted plain. An veggies were fresh. Fried pickles are my recommendation!

Marcus Iverson

Great, local wings! Many sauces to choose from and a good fries/beer/wing combo! Highly recommended!!! We love the garlic parm and x hot sauces!!

Shane Clarck

Today was my first time having Jim's Wings. My girlfriend and her friend brought me there and I had bbq hot 10 piece wings. They were truly incredible, I 100% recommend going there.

Chris Andrianos

Best wings ever, this is my reg place. Fries and ranch are perfect too. The Ram Hot sauce mixed with Honey BBQ is the best combo of flavors, you won't be disappointed.

Jasmine Cooper

Oh my gosh those wings were so good. I ate 20 and would've eaten more. Everyone I go to Colorado that'll be a must have.

Anita Cue

For over 15 years, Jim's has been my absolute favorite choice for hot wings in Northern Colorado. From the service, to sauces, to quality of wings, everything is incredible!

Jericho Goering